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Why the name Cullinan?

The name Cullinan Jewellers derives from the Cullinan Diamond, which is the largest Gem-quality Diamond ever found in history weighing 3106.75 carats.
Mined in Cullinan, South Africa on January 26 1905, the Cullinan Diamond has since been separated into 105 individually cut diamonds, 9 of which are recognized to be some of the rarest, larger sized diamonds of the world today.

However the most famous of the 9 would be the Cullinan I and Cullinan II diamonds which can be found in the Sovreign’s Septre with Cross and the Imperial State Crown both apart of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

We named ourselves after the rarest and best quality of Diamonds for the simple fact that we mirror our work ethic and product to be at par, very rare to come across and the best quality possible.