Rhodium Plating

In its pure form, gold is a naturally yellow metal.

When you purchase a 14K white gold ring, it’s actually 58.5% pure gold, combined with other white metals such as zinc, nickel, or even palladium.

The same thing goes for 18K white gold jewelry pieces, though the gold concentration is higher at 75%.

The addition of white metals helps to de-saturate the natural, yellow color of gold, but we take it one step further to create an even brighter white.

This is where rhodium plating comes in, Since Rhodium is a platinum-group metal, it’s naturally white.

When applied to a jewelry piece through “electro-plating” it creates that bright, colourless white, eliminating any trace of yellow from the gold.

This service can be done same day at a additional cost.


Rhodium Plating 

Starting at $40.00 per piece